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Gay Friendly Officiant in Savannah GA


You have already made the one of the most difficult decision of a lifetime; now it’s time to create your perfect wedding day in Savannah, Georgia.  You begin the process of making all the right decisions with all the information necessary, all the hassles removed, all of your questions answered and still peaking at unexplored possibilities of fulfilling a dream come true wedding, in Savannah. Whether envisioning an elopement or wedding, in a scenic square or park, options and solutions, experience, knowledge and testimonials await you here.  I can help make your wedding happen, anywhere!

Allow me to bring my expertise, my connections, and my contagious energy to make your special day unique!


St  LukesSt. Luke's Lutheran Church
Gay Friendly Churches in Savannah, GA

A Little Bit About Our Church...

First of all, you're probably wondering why we call ourselves "the friendly church." Aren't all churches supposed to be friendly? Perhaps we should say that in addition to being friendly to one another and to visitors, we are also very user-friendly. We realize that often people hesitate to come to a new church because they're afraid that they'll be pressured into joining.


Unity of Savannah
Gay Friendly Church in Savannah, GA

Welcome to Unity of Savannah, a dynamic and diverse spiritual community ofunconditional love and acceptance. You'll find our positive, practical approach to Christianity will uplift your spirit and transform your life. Both our Sunday celebration service and our myriad of weekly activities are designed to encourage you to experience yourself in an affirmative, genuine and joyful way - in the way Spirit created us to be.