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Jujubee Appeared at Savannah’s Club One April 13
for a Savannah Pride fundraiser.


By Pollo Del Mar





It’s been two seasons since Jujubee lit up television screens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Though she ultimately landed 2nd Runner-up to second season winner Tyra Sanchez, Boston’s favorite (drag) daughter might have the last laugh. Juju has arguably become the most beloved competitor in the show’s herstory!


Between appearances as a “professor” on the LOGO reality series RuPaul’s Drag U ­– where she helps biological women find their inner diva – and maintaining a happy home life, JuJu performs around the world! On Fri., April 13, she landed at Savannah’s Club One for a Savannah Pride fundraiser.


Here the gorgeous diva talks with celebrity correspondent and friend Pollo Del Mar. These lovely girls chat about everything from relationships to Juju’s most interesting memories of Georgia. Of course, she dishes on the current crop of Drag Race hopefuls – and even names her Season 4 favorite.


jujubee-profileGirl, over 250,000 “Likes” on your Facebook fan page?! How does it feel to still have that love pouring in?

It feels amazing! I can’t complain about anything. I’m very, very blessed with everything that’s come forth after Drag Race. I’m very thankful.


Some have speculated the girls who don’t win Drag Race come out better in the long run.

(Laughs.) You know, I’ve heard that before. I always wanted to win it, girl. Who doesn’t want to win, right? Obviously, that was always my goal, but I got really, really close, but it didn’t happen. I’m still very happy. I’m working, so that’s really it. Every queen just wants to work, right?


Of course! We want to do what we love -- and make a living doing it.

Exactly! And I want to spread the word of “love.”


Speaking of “love,” you’re not just a working queen, you’re one of the lucky ones. You’ve got a gorgeous husband! How did that happen? I can’t even get a second date!

(Laughs.) I don’t know. We met six years ago, and everything just clicked. Definitely, any kind of relationship is a lot of work, whether it’s boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, sister, it doesn’t matter. You have to work on a relationship. We have our ups and downs, but we’re willing to make it be right.


And you guys are adorable together! He obviously enjoys what you do and takes care of you. It’s so cute!

Awww… I know. I just sent him to the grocery store to get stuff for lunch. (Laughs.)


“Put those big ass muscles to use! Walk to the grocery.”

I know. He like, gave me a bitch fit, but did it. (Laughs.)


Are you watching this season?

Of course! I wouldn’t miss a show.


It seems like each year gets increasingly bitchy!

You know, it definitely does. What I honestly think is that the stakes are higher. Season 1 was $20,000. Season 2 was $25,000. Then it jumped to $75,000, and now it’s $100,000. On top of that, the challenges are much more intense, and I don’t know how much time they have to prepare. Every bitch wants to win!


In a recent interview, Phi Phi O’Hara told me she went onto the show to ‘play the game,’ to get air time. What are your thoughts about playing a character rather than being yourself?

I do know I went in playing the game myself, but I never gave you what wasn’t me.  I didn’t want to represent anything that wasn’t the ‘brand’ JuJuBee. I didn’t want it to keep me from being a human being as well. I can’t judge anybody for doing that, but it’s definitely not the route I’d take for myself. I’d still want to be a human being when I step out of the television. I’d want people to still see me as that and be as ‘real’ as possible.


I have the privilege of knowing so many girls from the show, and we all say, “Well, it was just editing.” This year, with so many shouting matches, those things really can’t be “edited” in. That’s how people were acting.

Of course. This is how I put it: “They can’t make you do or say anything you didn’t already do or say.” Do you know what I mean? The placement might be a little erroneous, but it’s just to throw in a little gas.


Do you have a favorite this season?

I love Sharon. I love Latrice. I love Chad. I love Phi Phi. (Long laugh.)


Look at you! So political.

You know, honestly, I really like Latrice’s message. I guess she’s my favorite. I like what she says, and she’s right. She actually has heart and she’s eloquent. I think that’s what we need for the “Next Drag Superstar.”


You were one of the queens on the show who was very upfront about being able to sing, you’re one of the few who hasn’t put out a song yet.

You know, I want to find something people can believe in. I haven’t heard anything I’ve worked on that I’d want to listen to myself. I don’t want to create music like that. I want to create music that means something. I want to, I think, control the whole thing, and my mind and heart aren’t there yet. I don’t want to go in there not knowing what I’m going to say/put it together in two days.


That’s definitely admirable! So, what is your next big project?

To rule the world, darling! I’m taking everything as it comes. Honestly, the next thing on my mind is what we were just talking about, the music thing. I don’t want to put out just one song, then try to work on another. I want to record a whole album and go at it like that. Hopefully, if everything works the way I want it to go…


There was just all that hoopla about Drag Race, All-Stars. Is there any word you can give us about that?

Oh, my God! I’m just waiting for the phone call. When they do call, I’m packing!

Have you had any interesting experiences in Georgia?

I did Atlanta Pride, the last one. The most interesting experience was seeing all these children and their mommies or daddies waving. Then it was seeing that one sad person with the sign, telling us we’re all going to hell, just standing there alone. That was the most interesting thing to me.


There’s always that one, right? (Laughs.)

There’s always one. It’s crazy to me. No matter what!


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