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logoB&D Burgers
"The Best burgers in Savannah!"

No Food Feature about B & D Burgers is worth its weight in top round chuck if its focus isn’t on their BURGERS. After all, most people in Savannah know of B&D as the place in town for a great burger.  In fact, readers of Connect Savannah have voted B&D  the Best Burger around every year since 2002, and that ain't

no bull.

There is a good reason for such accolades. According to B&D's own ‘Burgerology’, the key to their awesome burgers is that they start with ‘fresh, never frozen USDA Choice Angus ground chuck beef’.  You choose the size; 1/3lb, 1/2lb. or full 1lb. , chose the temperature and stack it with your choice of toppings, then you have your own customized B&D burger.

BDreview1You can also opt to choose one of the dozens of house classics, like the Mighty Eighth with sauteed mushrooms and melted provolone, or the Troup Square made with  pepperoni, marinara and mozzarella.  We chose the 1/3lb. Colonial, which is served decked out with a fried egg, apple-smoked bacon and American cheese.  Needless to say, it rocked!  All ingredients used are the freshest available. Buns for the burgers are baked fresh in-house each day. Fries are handcut and beer-battered, as are the onion rings and fried pickles. Even the Ranch dressing
is homemade.

What a lot of folks don't know is that, in addition to those awesome burgers, B & D also has some other tantalizing menu choices to tempt even testy tastebuds. The Bites and Appetizers selections include Corn Nuggets, hand-battered and fried sweet corn niblets, and BBQ Chicken nachos with chicken chunks in barbecue sauce under melted cheddarjack cheese. There is always a featured Soup of the Day and B&D’s award-winning Chili. Chicken Wings and Grilled or Fried Shrimp (by the dozen) anchor the ‘starters’ portion of the menu.

BDreview2Perhaps counterintuitive to what one might expect to find in this realm of king-sized burgers, B&D has a sizeable Salads menu with choices like a traditional Caesar, Buffalo Chicken salad and the Veggie Burger salad, which we tried. It was served as a big, hot Veggie Burger on a heap of fresh Iceberg and Romaine lettuces  along with sliced tomatoes, pickles and red onion. We had it served with B&D’s homemade Ranch dressing and enjoyed every bite.

Aside from Burgers, there is a Sandwich menu with choices like a traditional BLT with apple smoked bacon, a French Dip sandwich with roast beef and au jus on a hoagie, an Atlantic Cod sandwich and even a Portobello Mushroom sandwich with grilled onions, peppers and marinara sauce.   Chicken choices are multiple, including the Chicken  Quesadilla with Ortega chilies, salsa and sour cream.  The California Chicken Sandwich, which we tried, is a hefty grilled chicken breast heaped with guacamole, apple-smoked bacon and melted Provolone cheese.  This sandwich was juicy and delicious; it’s a great Californication version of the standard (boring) chicken sandwich.


BDreview6Oh, and by the way, what many a burger joint might snub as lowly is handsomely represented; the Hot Dog.  B&D welcomes any and all weiner-lovers with choices like the Chili Cheese Full Monty, a 12” dog under chili, and the Slaw Dog which is a weiner under cole slaw; they say 'it’s a Southern thang.'  They can even satisfy a sweet tooth with pie, cheesescake or an ice cream concoction.

B&D offers a vast array of beers from an ever-evolving selection, with some higher-alcohol (9%) choices available. Wine, soft drinks and good ole' sweet tea is available as well.

BDreview4Both locations, 13 E. Broughton and 11108 Abercorn, feature interiors that are straightforward hamburger bar chic.  Easy-breezy is the vibe of  both places. Wooden benches, long tables, booths and high tops accommodate the generally downtown artsy crowds well. The obligatory large screen TV is in place for those die-hard sports fans who won't go anywhere unless they can see 'the game'. The southside location even has a dedicated Karaoke nook with stage and seating, Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Most prominent throughout both locations
is the ever-present mascot and logo
the gatorAlligator. When pressed for the signifigance of the gator in regard to the restaurant, I got a couple of wink-and-nod answers. The alligator is, like B&D, a regional-specific phenomena. I was reminded that the gator is the top predator in its domain, no enemy dares threaten, it is the king of the heap.  So it seems  that the alligator epitomizes the mind-set of B&D's staff and management, 'we're the best, and we know it.'  All
I can say is, 'Have any doubts, give 'em a try'.

Wondering what the B&D stands for?? Stop by either location, downtown on Broughton or on the southside next to Lowe's and ask them yourself...


Downtown Savannah
13 East Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31419
Phone: (912) 231-0986

Southside Savannah
11108 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
Phone: (912) 927-8700