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AD-GaySavannah 2014 EXPO August24 announces it’s inaugural LGBT Wedding EXPO.


This first-ever major expo of its kind in Savannah culminating in an historic mass same-sex commitment ceremony and celebration will be hosted by The Mansion on Forsyth Park in the Viennese Ballroom. The EXPO will be held from 12-3pm. A carefully curated selection of 50 LGBT-friendly elite exhibitors covering the entire spectrum of wedding preparations will be represented, all under one chic and elegant roof. With free entry for all guests, attendees will meet a distinguished panel of wedding industry tastemakers and professional experts from the travel, event planning, jewelry, real estate, legal, catering, retail and floral fields (among others), and will offer brides and grooms-to-be the exclusive opportunity to get one-on-one advice, choose favorites from high-end collections and find the unique and trendy resources they need to plan their own memorable, timeless ceremony.


GaySavannah Marriage


Are we ready for marriage?


"There’s been a general lowering of respect for marriage.  We need

to transcend sex orientation and focus on how society, particularly

lower income individuals, are hurt by this diminishment. The less

educated are becoming a subculture of economically depressed

single parent families, where children have much less chance of



Former Chief Judge of the Georgia Supreme Court, Leah Sears Ward presented this take on marriage at a legal forum earlier this year. She spoke about changing the “conversation” on marriage in the United States. “We should propose a new conversation that brings together LGBT persons with heterosexuals. One that gets past the civil rights issues to focus on the substantive qualities of marriage.”  READ MORE





You and I pay taxes which support schools that expel children
who are gay.


If this doesn’t make you hot, I don’t know what will.  You and I pay taxes

which support schools that expel children who are gay; children who

simply state that they may be gay or they are attracted to the same
sex; or children who live in households that may be gay-affirming.  On

top of this, as reported by the Southern Education Foundation,  the

state of Georgia has certified two accrediting agencies that qualify

schools for this tax benefit,which actively encourage and support

their schools in developing these homophobic policies. READ MORE


Belfords Savannah main


Everything about Belford's is outstanding.


Situated as the westernmost cornerstone of City Market, in a century-old

structure named for its former owner, rests the formidable eatery well

known for impeccable seafood and steak fare, Belford’s Savannah.

Everything about Belford’s, from the décor and atmosphere to the

outstanding dishes and wine list, craft a superior dining experience

that would prove hard to equal in any major city, making it even more

fortuitous that owner Kevin McPherson chose little ole Savannah

to be the home of this superb restaurant. READ MORE


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Tybee Island, Hidden Luxury in a Sleepy Coastal Town.


Situated just a short drive from historic downtown Savannah lies the slow paced beachside community of Tybee Island. As the northernmost point in the line of thirteen barrier islands along the Georgia coast, Tybee is located between the resort communities of Hilton Head Island, S.C. and St.  Simons Island, Ga., but don’t be fooled by its quaint setting in comparison. Tybee Island offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a cozy beach ‘shack’ to lay your head after a day of fishing on the pier or a luxurious vacation rental for the discriminating visitor, who would rather splash among the ocean waves than flash bling along the main strip.




This is an historic week for the LGBT community, should we be booking the chapel?

Writing about same sex marriage from Georgia constitutes an act of voyeurism, looking in on other people’s reality.  Georgia does not recognize gay marriage.  For good measure, it also mandates that no court within its borders shall rule on any case that might even suggest that facets of gay marriage might be legally recognized.

Cementing LGBT Relationships

Society tends to deal with human beings in terms of our relationships with others. It makes sense; the families we are born to are often the people who stick with us until our death. Marrying someone signals our desire that blood relationships are not necessarily the most intimate in our lives.

This walking tour has more Savannah history and local insights than you can shake a stick at.

Even one covered in Spanish moss.  Just when you think you know your city - every townhome, each brick, and all of their hidden stories - Jonathan Stalcup, downtown’s architectural intellectual, walks up and shows you a thing or two. Having lived and worked in downtown Savannah for ten years, I can admit to having a “been there, done that” mentality. To my surprise, I recently had the good fortune of stumbling onto one of his tours, and this local yokel got schooled.


The entire concept of Bar Food is a contradiction in terms.

Bar.Food manages to combine two concepts that were once mutually exclusive: a bar that serves delectable cuisine and quality imbibements.  The food is French-Asian infused - another welcomed surprise, and the selection of wine and drink is top shelf.  Proprietors Paula Letcher and Johnny Baker have accomplished what they set out to do.  To put it succinctly, Bar Food offers a local watering hole that attracts patrons from all over while serving up scrumptious edibles under its inauspicious moniker.
The Boar’s Head

It is easy to see why the Boar's Head Grill and Tavern is a perennial favorite here, not only with tourists but with locals as well. A warm welcome is guaranteed; whether it is Chef Phillip, his wife Charlene, Eric the manager or Rebecca the bartender who catches you first — you are made to feel welcome, at home, as soon as you walk in the door.